Maths Sample & Hold

Make Noise Maths: Sample & Hold patch

This is a patch using Maths by Make Noise for Sample & Hold-type effects. Although this is clearly not a precision application but more of a pseudo-S&H with control voltage drifting all over the place I find it useful for stepped, animated CV. And R2D2 bleeps, if you’re into that kind of thing.

I’ve added a description in the patch as Youtube annotations. If you can’t see them, try viewing on the Youtube page.

Eurorack Modular

Eurorack Modular Youtube Roundup

This post is a roundup of videos of me making silly noises (and occasionally music) with my Eurorack format modular synthesizer. Although you can hardly tell from these very Youtubeish Youtube videos it’s become my primary instrument since I got my first modules a year and a half ago.

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Vakna Gregor

A few months back I started collaborating with choreographer/dancer/actor Maria Grudemo El Hayek. Through Dropbox we’ve exchanged improvised videos and mp3s between Gothenburg, Stockholm and Tokyo in order to find a common ground for future works. This is very much work in progress but we decided to use some of the material to enter Bonniers Konsthall’s Pocket Cinema 2013 competition.

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Intonarumori100 DIY noise instrument

Intonarumori100: DIY noise instrument

The Intonarumori100 is an electronic noise instrument built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Luigi Russolo‘s seminal futurist manifesto The Art Of Noises.

Or, depending if you like your history factual or fictional, you could say that it’s a dual 556 noise instrument I finished building two days before the anniversary and I thought it appropriate to name it after Russolo’s noise orchestra of Intonarumoris.

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